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Sally R Munt

BA (Hons First Class) MA MSc DPhil PGDip FRSA

(Chair and Clinical Director, Brighton Exiled/Refugee Trauma Service [BERTS])

Sally Munt is an experienced cognitive behavioural psychotherapist accredited with the BABCP. She has an MSc in Cognitive Psychotherapy (CBT) from the University of Brighton, which included 4 years of training (2006-10). In addition Sally has a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychiatry (Merit) from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (2012-14). Sally has a wide range of clinical expertise and has been working with clients first at the University of Brighton Student Counselling Service, and then in private practice since 2006.

In addition, Sally is a leading academic in the study of identity, culture and emotion. In her capacity as Professor of Cultural Studies, she has published widely on understanding how cultural factors can shape our wellbeing. She has particular expertise in shame and identity, gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, social class, and spirituality. Her latest book (with Sharon Smith and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip) Cosmopolitan Dharma (Brill, 2016) is concerned with examining how Buddhism is being embraced by minority groups in the UK, in order to support their emotional wellbeing and sense of community.



Colin Blowers

M.A., R.M.N., Dip Behav.Psych. (Maudsley)

(BERTS Trustee and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)

Colin is a fully accredited member of the BABCP. His career in the NHS began in 1972 and following several years working as a nurse he qualified as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist in 1981. He then gained a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology at The University of Sussex. Since leaving the NHS in 1988 he has worked on a freelance basis in the private sector at The Priory Hospital, Roehampton (1988 to 2018). Colin joined the Board of the BABCP in 2016 and is the co-chair of their Scientific Committee.

He now has an office in Brighton and works online, treating people throughout the world. He has presented workshops in The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Estonia, and Guyana. He has also appeared on several television and radio shows.



Alison Lesley

MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Social Studies 1999, Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Health Care 1994, Certificate in Therapy with Couples 1990

(Psychotherapist: BERTS)

Alison has worked as a psychotherapist for the NHS and in private practice for more than thirty years. Her aim is to help people - individuals, couples and families - live more comfortably with themselves and others, providing a safe place for a person to tell their story and feel listened and responded to. Alison also offers some practical steps to facilitate this process to bring about change.



Kate Hill

(Therapist: BERTS)

Kate Hill completed her Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2009, she then went on to gain a MSc in Mental Health Studies from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London. She has previously worked in secure and forensic services, specialist trauma services for veterans and child bereavement services and has a specialist interest in working with trauma. She completed her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Post Graduate Diploma (BABCP accredited) in 2017 and is currently working for the NHS as a CBT therapist. She has also completed additional training in using compassion focused therapy with shame, guilt as well as other symptoms following experiencing a traumatic event and interweaves this approach into her therapeutic work.



Steve Morris

Postgraduate Certificate in Family and Organisational Systems 2017, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 2000, BSc (Hons) Psychology 1993

(Therapist: BERTS)

Steve is a clinical psychologist qualified for over twenty years and has worked in the National Health Service, working a lot of that time in London with children and families. He now works part-time at Brighton Therapy Centre with some adults, children and families for brief or longer-term work. The therapies he provides are flexible and overlap and are broadly behavioural, cognitive-behavioural, systemic therapy, brief solution-focussed therapy and narrative therapy.



Jane Hoyle

BSc Mental health nursing PGDip psychological therapies

(Therapist: BERTS)

Jane is a fully accredited cognitive behavioural therapist currently working at a University. She had worked in the NHS as a mental health nurse for over 15 years before training as a CBT therapist in 2016 at the University of Sussex. Jane worked within acute services in the NHS and spent 8 years working in an accident and emergency department. She developed a clinic providing therapy for people who self-harm and ran this successfully for 3 years. Jane has provided CBT therapy for complex trauma, psychosis and personality disorder within NHS secondary mental health services.



Shona Cooke

BA( Hons) International Relations. MSc Politics of Rights from Institute of Education. Postgraduate Certificate in Planning and Delivering Training and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Therapies.

(Therapist: BERTS)

Shona trained as a CBT therapist in 2018 and worked as a Mental Health Social Worker in London for 16 years prior to this, developing an interest in therapy after studying for a Post graduate Certificate in Working with People with a Personality Disorder. Shona currently works as a Mental Health Practitioner and CBT Therapist on a part time basis within the NHS and practices privately on a part time basis.



Nicola Stephenson

BA (Hons), PGDip Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling, MSc Psychotherapy

(BERTS Psychotherapist)

Nicola trained at The University of Brighton receiving a post graduate diploma in Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling in 2016, and an MSc in Psychotherapy in 2018. For the last 6 years, she has been running her own private psychotherapy practice, offering both online and face-to-face sessions. Nicola’s approach is rooted in the biopsychosocial model which argues that health and wellbeing are determined by a complex interplay of biological, psychological and social factors. As an integrative practitioner she blends skills and ideas from many different disciplines including philosophy, attachment theory, neuroscience, and trauma and body psychotherapy.

Previously, Nicola enjoyed a long career in the travel industry starting out as a Holiday Representative in the French Alps, and eventually climbing the corporate ladder to the position as Managing Director of a niche ski operator. After a short career break, in 2010 she began her training as a therapist, and is now well established as a Psychotherapist.



Giulia Giansiracusa


(Clinical Psychologist: BERTS)

Giulia holds a Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Sciences and a Masters Degree in Cognitive Applied Psychology. During a work experience in Italy as a support worker and Italian teacher with refugees and asylum seekers, she obtained a postgraduate specialisation in Cross-cultural Psychiatry and Migration Psychology. In Italy she was also the co-founder of the "Narrativi Digitali" project (, that promotes the use of a narrative approach in psychological counselling. She is very interested in understanding how culture and political events can affect psychological wellbeing.



Reem Abushawareb

MA International Journalism

(BERTS Trustee and Social Media Officer)



Tessa Axelrod

(BERTS Trustee and Researcher and Support Worker)

Tessa is a qualified paramedic interested in researching the mental health needs of refugees and asylum seekers in the city as part of her master studies in Global Health at BSMS.



Sally Goodwin

(Operations Manager: BERTS)

Sally has lived in Brighton and Hove for many years and has a background in business administration, support tutoring and wellbeing. An enthusiastic amateur singer and gardener, currently learning Portuguese and Brazilian music.



John Rignell

(Pilates Teacher – BERTS therapists team)

John runs gentle exercise classes for BERTS service users. These classes are kindly hosted and subsidised by the Brighton Quakers Meeting House, Middle Street, Brighton, and are every Wednesday at 3.00. There is no charge and people are welcome to drop in. If you are a refugee and would like to join this group please email



Ann Blackburn

(Support Worker: BERTS)

A former manager for a local disabled children’s charity, Ann has worked for other registered charities in Brighton and Hove, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, and Sussex Beacon. She has a Level 2 qualification in Counselling Skills. Ann is passionate about human rights and the environment. In her spare time, she runs, plays badminton, cycles, does yoga and endlessly digs and weeds her garden.



Kenza Hamichi

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Kenza has a bachelor’s in political science, and is currently doing a MSc in Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex. Kenza is interested in human rights, cross-cultural identity, and deeply enjoys music.



Becky Steel

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Becky is a mother of three and a Modern languages and EAL teacher with many years' experience working with Asylum seekers one-to-one as an English tutor.



Itziar Aldecoa Tamayo

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Itzi is a doctoral researcher at the Astronomy Centre of the University of Sussex. She is specialised in cosmology and does calculations to understand what happened seconds after the Big Bang. She enjoys gardening, live music and the outdoors. She is originally from Madrid, but left when she turned 18 and has lived in 3 different countries since then. She loves moving to new cities and making them her home and hopes to help others in that transition.



Holly Taylor

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Holly is studying a degree in International Development at the University of Sussex. She hopes to work with NGOs in refugee camps in the future, and is passionate about human rights and social justice.



Yasemin Birmek

(Support Worker: BERTS)

From İstanbul, Turkey, Yasemin moved to England for her Clinical Psychology masters in the University of Sussex. She is currently doing a second masters in Forensic Psychology at the University of Goldsmiths and also studied psychology as an undergrad in Sabanci University in İstanbul. Yasemin did three internships in two different mental hospitals and one private clinic and is therefore familiar both with the theories and the practices of most of the mental health disorders.



Gaia Plozzer

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Gaia is studying International Relations and Development at the University of Sussex. She is passionate about human rights, mental health and community work. In her free time, she loves reading and cooking new vegan recipes with her flatmates.



Harriett Neville

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Harriett is currently studying International Development at the University of Sussex whilst also working at the YMCA. She wants to focus on migration and integration in her studies. In her spare time she volunteers with Greenpeace and other environmental organisations to help our planet.



Kayla Mudaliar

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Kayla is from Vancouver, Canada with a Fijian-Canada background and is currently doing a Masters in Conflict, Security, and Development at the University of Sussex. She is passionate about studying migration, global health, and development. She loves immersing herself in different cultures through food and art. In her spare time, Kayla finds joy in dancing, baking, and outdoor adventures.



Mirei Kato

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Mirei is a Master's student currently enrolled in MA Migration Studies at the University of Sussex. Originally from Japan, Mirei spent her childhood in the United States. Her hobbies include swimming, musical theatre, and long walks with her dog!



Marya Malas

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Marya (of Syrian origin) was born in Manchester and has been living in Brighton for the last 3 years. She currently work as a Conference Producer within the sustainability sector but has a BSc in Criminology & Psychology from Royal Holloway University and looks to pursue a career in psychotherapy, well-being and nutrition. Her hobbies include: basketball, walks in nature, foraging, singing and dancing.



Naomi Field

(Support Worker: BERTS)

A secondary school Drama and English teacher, Naomi has lived in Brighton for 20 years and is halfway through completing an MSc in Psychology with a view to Educational or Clinical psychology, specialising in working with teens and adolescents. Naomi loves finding out about other people's cultures and has a real interest in the food of different countries. She also enjoys theatre, running and travelling whenever she can!



Courtney McKelvey

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Passionate about refugee and education issues, Courtney is currently studying the intersection of the two as an MA student in the Migration Studies program at the University of Sussex. Originally from the United States, she has spent the past several years living abroad, including a recent year as a Fulbright English teacher in South Korea. In her free time, she loves playing sports (especially tennis!), cooking, and reading.



Morag Chambers

(Support Worker: BERTS)

Morag is originally from Scotland and has lived in Brighton for over 30 years. She believes that every person should have the right to live in a safe situation where there is equal opportunity, freedom of choice and respect for individual cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. Morag has applied these principals in her own life and has tried to engender them in her three adult children. Morag likes simple things in life - cooking nice food for her family and friends, walking in the countryside with her dog, cycling on the South Downs and swimming in the sea. Morag does not have any formal qualifications related to this role but she does have her own personal lived-experience of the effects of trauma.



Aisha Campbell

(Project Assistant: BERTS)

Currently studying Anthropology with International Development at the University of Sussex, as well as working part time at a children's charity in Portslade, Aisha really values social activism and feels passionate about fighting for human rights, inclusivity and reaching equality.



Alyshia Gouldsbrough

(Project Assistant: BERTS)

Currently doing a masters at Sussex University in Conflict, Security and Development, Alyshia is passionate about studying representations and portrayals of development and conflicts. During her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music and trying new foods/cuisines.


Meredith Henson and David Guest

(IT technical team: BERTS)

Meredith and David kindly donate their time to support the website and patient data management in order to keep our IT systems running smoothly.

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